Developing High-Resolution (45km x 45km) Probabilistic Climate Projections over Ontario from Multiple Global and Regional Climate Models

It is important for the Province to promote the enhancement of knowledge and scientific expertise on the effects of climate change in Ontario, and the acquisition of the best information for the development of sound, responsible and effective climate change adaptation strategies. To this end, the Ontario academic community is enhancing its modelling, monitoring and research capacity related to potential climate change at finer resolution over Ontario. However, uncertainties in climate change projections have raised major concerns among adaptation practitioners.

To quantify the uncertainties, this Project is aimed to produce high resolution probabilistic projections of major climate change indicators over Ontario using large ensemble of GCM and RCM results. The products are high resolution probabilistic projections of potential future change in temperature, precipitation, Heating Degree Days (HDD) and Cooling Degree Days (CDD) over Ontario


This project has received funding support from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Such support does not indicate endorsement by the Ministry of the contents of this material.


The high-resolution (45km x 45km) probabilistic climate change projections data over Ontario have been made available at this website for the convenience of potential users. The LAMPS team, Novus Environmental or any party at York University accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions in the data, nor for any loss or damage directly or indirectly caused to any person or body by reason of, or arising out of, any use of this data.